Alfa Romeo Classiche


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Alfa Romeo Classiche

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Kai tämä uuden ketjun ansaitsee.

Eli parhaassa tapauksessa joku foorumilainen voisi saada omalle 156 GTA:lle kattavat dokumentit ja pystyisi lähettämään autonsa entisöitäväksi, jos auto alkaa olemaan siinä kunnossa. Hintaa toki tuollaiselle operaatiolle tulee mukavasti, tosin tällä hetkellä ei taida olla vielä mitään esimerkkejä operaatioista ja niiden hinnoista.
Alfa Romeo Classiche program launched to preserve the brand's heritage

Alfa Romeo has taken a significant step to help enthusiasts conserve the cars it has built over the past 112 years. The company launched a program called Alfa Romeo Classiche that provides owners with anything from a certificate of authenticity to a full in-house restoration.

One of the program's most basic services is issuing a certificate of origin. This isn't new; Alfa has offered this resource since 2016. Armed with a chassis number, owners can request a document that details a car's date of production and its original configuration inside and out. You'd be surprised at what you can discover: Years ago, I learned that the red 1966 GTV I owned at the time was originally painted gray.

The second certificate Alfa Romeo can issue collectors attests to a car's authenticity. Historians working in the company's Heritage department examine a car and inspect a long list of points before deeming it authentic. Cars can be examined at the Officine Classiche in Mirafiori, near Turin in Italy, at the Stellantis & You facilities in Rome and in Palermo, or directly at the owner's house regardless of the country they live in.

Finally, the Alfa Romeo Classiche program includes a maintenance and restoration service performed by the same folks who work on the cars in the brand's museum. From changing the rocker panels on a 1959 Giulietta to changing the spark plugs on a 1991 model 164, the in-house team can take on just about any task. Pricing hasn't been announced; it varies depending on the car and the scope of the work required.

Alfa Romeo takes its heritage and the Classiche program seriously: Company CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato chairs the certification committee, and the people in charge of certifying a car have access to the vast archives housed in the Alfa Romeo Museum. ... e-program/

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